Gazelli Café
Seasonal dishes, lovingly prepared with fresh ingredients, branded cocktails, and light desserts... at the beginning of each season, our menu is renewed and supplemented with various novelties.
In a cloud of delicious flavours and to the sound of pleasant music, the atmosphere of Gazelli Café is perfect for early breakfasts, business meetings, romantic dates, fun events, and heart-warming evenings.

The interior of Gazelli Café exudes elegance and sophistication, and each dish is of unsurpassed taste, thanks to the talented chef.
Gazelli Café team is made up of creative, talented, and dedicated professionals. Our team is one big family in a welcoming home.
About the team
Timur Pivkin, Gazelli Café's Chef de Cuisine, says: "We have a friendly atmosphere and a close-knit team. We work on the principle of 'all for one and one for all'. We always try to help, inspire, motivate, and support each other. After all, a good team is a key to any good endeavour!"

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