Art House
The first Gazelli Art House was opened in Baku in 2003. After successfully opening and overseeing a series of related exhibitions in various galleries in London, Gazelli Art House opened on Dover Street in Mayfair in March 2012," said Mila Asgarova, founder of Gazelli Art House and Vice President of Gazelli Company.

In the same year, the Window Project was launched, using the gallery's stained glass windows as an additional platform to display the work.

In 2015, the project was expanded to provide exhibition space for the works of art school graduates who participated in the gallery's triennial open convocation.
In 2013, Gazelli Art House began specialising in private secondary market sales, offering professional services
for insurance, probate, trust, and estate valuations, as well as advice on the current market value of individual paintings or art collections.

In 2015, the gallery launched a digital format,, an online residency for digital and virtual reality artists.
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