About us
"Take care of yourself, and you will look beautiful"

Dr. Zarifa Hamzayeva, scientist, founder, and president of Gazelli Group.

Today, Gazelli Group is:
A high-tech company that has won several international awards. Located in the suburbs of Baku, it covers an area of 12,000 m2. Certified to international standards, it is capable of producing up to 100 tonnes of product per shift.
An advanced research centre and laboratory
Uninterrupted door-to-door logistics, including extensive warehousing capacity and long-term, trusted relationships with shipping partners
Development and production of private-label products for regular customers in the skin care, hospitality, and healthcare sectors
Portfolio of five brands: Gazelli Skincare, Aroma Collection, Buta, Gazelli Expert, and Entera
Wellness and health centre: Gazelli House in Baku
Gazelli Art House is a world-renowned contemporary art gallery in London and Baku.
About Gazelli House
Founded in 2003, Gazelli House Wellness Centre for beauty, physical and mental health is located in the heart of Baku. It is a world of its own in this historic four-storey building with walls steeped in history and an incredible atmosphere. Visitors can find something special for themselves and discover the "special" in themselves.
«Harmony of body and soul, the unity of spiritual and physical perfection».
A beauty salon, a physical and mental health centre, cosmetological procedures, a café with the most delicious meals, a cosmetics shop, a corner with the most unusual souvenirs from all over the world, the beauty parlours, a gym equipped with the latest equipment, the Pilates and dance studios, a library, an art gallery, a scientific research laboratory - in short, Gazelli House is a realm that embodies the harmony of soul, body, and spirit.
The founder and president of Gazelli Group, Zarifa Hamzaeva, is a doctor of genetics and preventive medicine. After graduating from a medical university and working for more than 15 years as an assistant professor at the State Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors, Dr. Hamzaeva successfully defended her research work in Moscow. After her successful defence, Zarifa Hamzayeva was inspired by the idea of creating something special and unique in the country. Years later, after dedicating some time to her family and raising her daughters, her idea came to fruition and developed into a successful project when Dr. Hamzayeva decided to start her production. The first cosmetics production in Azerbaijan. This is how Gazelli Group was born.
It all started in a small shop with just seventeen enthusiastic people. "We started from scratch, but very quickly we mastered all the steps and invited experts to learn from. At the moment, specialists from all over the world come to learn from us, which makes us very happy. That was in 1999... In 2019 Gazelli Group celebrated its 20th anniversary," says Zarifa Hamzayeva, Doctor of Genetics and Preventive Medicine, Founder and President of Gazelli Group.

«Gazelli House - a source of energy and all things radiant and magical. This is not just a house of health and beauty; it is a multifunctional place where guests can enjoy a health massage and various procedures, or recharge themselves with the positive energy of the house, as well as soak up the atmosphere and learn something new. Most importantly, they can get to know themselves, or better still, learn who they are," says Jamila Asgarova, Vice President of Gazelli Group, and founder of SOROKA Concept Store.

Jamilya Asgarova - After joining the family business in 2004, Jamilya Asgarova became the company's Vice President, managing Gazelli House both in Baku and in London, the capital of Great Britain.

Gazelli Group Vice President Mila Asgarova founded Gazelli Art House art gallery in 2011.
«Gazelli House advocates a healthy lifestyle so that you can become a better version of your own and support others in their quest for perfection," says Milla Asgarova, Vice President of Gazelli Group, and founder of Gazelli Art House.

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