The beauty department at Gazelli Wellness Club offers a wide range of treatments such as massages, cleansing, facials, d'arsonval, peelings, waxing, laser hair removal, hand care, back cleansing, acne treatment, etc.
«I would like to say a big thank you to your cosmetic surgeons! They really have magic hands! Gazelli House is welcoming, atmospheric, and warm. I'm glad that there is such a place in Baku!»
Gazelli House
Every procedure in our cosmetic department is supported by professional care products, a personalised approach, and the use of state-of-the-art equipment.
About the unique use of professional cosmetics for cosmetic procedures Gazelli Expert.
Gazelli Expert is a professional range of more than eighty highly concentrated and targeted solutions for face, body, and hair care. To ensure the high effectiveness of its products, the brand uses the full power of natural ingredients combined with the latest technology.
All Gazelli Expert products are prescribed as part of a specially designed face and body care programme. Our skincare specialists undergo continuous training to provide the best service and professional care to our customers. The main objective of Gazelli Expert is to apply innovative and result-oriented scientific methods to ensure the greatest effectiveness of the tools used.

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