The space of Gazelli House represents the harmony of the soul, the body, and the spirit. Founded in 2003, Gazelli House Wellness Centre for beauty, physical and mental health is located in the heart of Baku.
This historic four-storey building, with its ancient walls and incredible atmosphere, is a world of its own. Visitors can find something special for themselves and discover the 'special' in themselves.

«The harmony of body and soul, the unity of spiritual and physical perfection».
A beauty parlour, a physical and mental health centre, cosmetological treatments, a café with the most delicious meals, a cosmetics shop, a corner with the most unusual souvenirs brought from all over the world, the beauty salons, a gym equipped with the most modern equipment, the Pilates and dance studios, a library, an art gallery, a scientific research laboratory - in short, Gazelli House is a realm that embodies the harmony of soul, body, and spirit.

Our goal is to provide a high level of wellness services and to maintain long-term results without leaving the city.
Gazelli House Cosmetic Department offers advanced treatments, consultations with highly qualified experts, and personalised programmes.

Several healing facilities, including a spiritual practice studio, an aromatherapy room, and an energy massage room, are located on the second floor of Gazelli House. Unleash your inner potential, learn meditative techniques, get to know your inner self, fill it with energy, and transform yourself and the world around you.
Sport is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. The Gymnasium and Reforma Studio will be a great solution for those who want to change their lifestyle and work on their body and spirit.

Beauty on the outside reflects beauty on the inside. The masters of our salons are true professionals in the field of creating a new image, changing your hairstyle, enjoying the care of the author, or completely transforming your image!

The Lab Express is a prophylactic scientific research laboratory that performs more than 500 types of tests.

Gazelli Art House is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to supporting emerging talent and organising exhibitions of work by internationally renowned artists. The gallery offers a rich and dynamic programme for diverse audiences in global public projects as well as exhibition venues in London and Baku.

Soroka Concept Store offers carefully curated products from around the world. Vintage treasures, modern brands, and unique products from ceramists and craftspeople make our Concept Store a truly unique place to spend hours exploring! Soroka's curious 'eye' seeks to inspire and delight our valued guests.

Gazelli Café is known as a place where you can enjoy a delicious meal, spend time in good company, relax your soul, and feel the inner harmony and comfort that is sometimes so lacking in the modern world. It stands for exquisite dishes, incredible combinations of flavours, fresh seasonal products, and a wide range of choices.

Gazelli Wellness Club is not just a wellness centre. It is a fusion of preventive medicine, innovative equipment, expertly selected professionals, and a wide range of massage and spa services. It is a place where everyone can relax and spend time improving their mental and physical health.

What is Gazelli?
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